Network Monitoring

Peak Telecom is known for our first-class customer support team, and this extra level of assistance is available on all our broadband services as required.

We can add any broadband router supplied by us to our monitoring server, allowing our support team to react quickly to any internet drops. We are notified the moment there is an issue, allowing us to fix it faster and identify problems quickly. This is especially useful if there is a major service outage affecting multiple sites.

Your dedicated support team will proactively monitor the service and identify if it is becoming unstable and needs to be worked on, allowing you to stay ahead of any major incidents.

Remote monitoring also means we can anticipate how your network may need to grow before it becomes unstable. Our regular bandwidth and data usage reports can help identify and justify a service upgrade. For example, if your 20Mbps bandwidth leased line hits 90-100% usage, our specialist team would alert you and find you the right upgrade before you experience problems.

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