Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a licence-based software that allows us to configure workplace mobile devices, ensuring they are suitable to be used by drivers and operatives.

We use hosted SOTI MobiControl to do the following:

  • Apply custom branded lockdown configurations to devices
  • Encrypt phones, protecting valuable corporate information
  • Remove any apps and features that are not required by your company
  • Push mobile apps and updates to devices over the air
  • Limit the settings that can be changed on devices to prevent unintended use
  • Locate and track devices remotely
  • Lock damaged, stolen or lost devices and organise replacements

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MDM provides the opportunity for you to develop your IOT and manage a connected workforce. Our team of MDM experts can remotely access your devices, add new or update existing apps and provide you with first-class technical support.

Our market-leading MDM solution gives you a level of control and phone security that delivers real peace of mind.

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