Mobile Device Management

So, you’ve got your new mobile device app. It is going to revolutionize the way your company works.

But how are you going to deploy it successfully, more specifically:

  • How are you going to set-up all the devices?
  • What are you going to do to ensure that users are only able to access work related apps?
  • How do you prevent overusage of mobile data?
  • How are you going to support the devices and push updates to the app?
  • What happens when a device gets lost or stolen?


What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management is a licence-based product that gets installed onto every device. It allows us to to make sure your mobile devices are suitable to be used by drivers and operatives. We are a SOTI partner with our own hosted platform, meaning you get a great MDM solution with our unrivaled support.

Once set-up and handed over your devices will have

  • A custom lock down screen using your company logo – This will make your mobile devices look really professional and give customers the right impression
  • All Apps removed except the ones you want to use – This means that you never have to worry about users sitting around watching YouTube all day when they’re meant to be working!
  • Restricted settings – So users can only change the screen brightness, volume and Bluetooth connections – This is a great way of preventing settings changes that can render a tablet useless, such as factory resetting it
  • Your app loaded and tested – All you have to worry about is handing them out

You can then relax and leave the ongoing management of the mobile devices to us. MDM gives us remote access, giving us the ability to add new or update existing apps. If a mobile device is not working correctly, we simply connect to it and provide technical support. When you want to know where a device is then a quick call to us and we can identify where it is and what route it has followed.

If devices are lost, damaged or stolen we can quickly lock it and organize a replacement.

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