08 Aug 2018

Oppo Find X – The future of smartphones?

The Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo has recently released their new flagship smartphone, the Find X (pronounced 10, not “ex”).

In the UK, Oppo is a relatively un-heard of company (despite them owning OnePlus), but this hasn’t stopped them taking aim at the likes of Apple and Samsung. In fact, the new Oppo Find X is a rival for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9!

The first thing that you notice about the Find X is the gorgeous screen. Apple and Samsung have tried making phones that are ‘all screen’, but the iPhone has a rather ugly notch at the top, and the Samsung has a black bar at the top to accommodate the front facing camera. The Oppo is the closest phone on the market to being ‘all screen’ and that is due to some very clever engineering, which we’ll get to later. The display itself is a 6.42 inch AMOLED touchscreen, with a resolution of 1080 x 2340p. This doesn’t quite live up to the resolution of the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9, but do not think that this is in any way a poor-quality screen. The truth is that you would struggle to determine the difference between the three.

Another area that the Oppo excels is the battery. Once again, we’ll compare this to the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 to give it some context. The iPhone has a 2716 mAh battery, giving it a 74 hour endurance rating – not bad. The Galaxy S9 has a 3000 mAh battery, with a endurance rating of 78 hours – even better. The Oppo has a whopping 3730 mAh battery. This means that the endurance rating is an incredible 90 hours. That’s half a day longer than the iPhone!

So, let’s get to the Oppo’s party piece, which is what I’m sure you’re all here for. When you have the Oppo in your hand, you’ll notice that the phone is incredibly smooth and well rounded. The screen goes from the bottom of the phone to the top, with hardly any bezel, and the back of the phone is completely flat with no bulky camera ruining the feel and aesthetics. So why haven’t they included any cameras on this phone? Surely, it’s not a rival for the iPhone or Samsung at all? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Oppo have thought outside the box. Why waste precious screen space by putting a front facing camera on the phone? And why ruin the beautiful curves on the back with a camera that protrudes? What they have come up with is a rear and front facing camera system that slides up out of the top of the phone. That’s right. When the camera isn’t in use, it is tucked away in the internals of the phone. As soon as you open the camera app or go to use Face ID, the camera mechanism raises from the top of the phone in swift and seamless motion. It really is incredible.

This had us thinking in the office, why haven’t the giants of the phone world started using this solution as well? It allows you to produce a phone that is all screen. We pondered this for a while before finally coming up with a downside. The camera mechanism that slides out of the top of the phone means that equipping this phone with a case is impossible. Not ideal for those of us who drop our phone on a daily basis! If you’re a careful type of person who never drops their phone though, I would definitely suggest trying this phone out.