Whether it is a rugged tablet for your fleet, or a top of the range smartphone for a director, Peak Telecom are here to help you choose the right mobile device. Our experts are always on hand to recommend a device that suits your needs as a business. Why not check out our current favorites on our website.

We are a SOTI MobiControl partner. SOTI offer class leading Mobile Device Management software for all kinds of mobile devices. We have a wide variety of customers using our MDM software, from retail and hospitality to waste management – we can tailor a solution for you.

Here at Peak Telecom we have one phone number you need to call for all enquiries and support. Our expert team aim to answer an incomming call within 10 seconds and emails within 15 minutes. Our systems are designed to alert us when problems occur and quite often we are already working on resolving them before you contact us.

ADSL2+ is also known as ‘standard broadband’. It delivers an internet connection over a copper telephone line and gives theoretical download speeds of up to 24Mbps.

FTTC is more commonly known as ‘fibre broadband’. This still uses the same copper telephone line as ADSL2+, however the connection between the phone exchange and the street cabinet is a fibre optic cable. FTTC is much faster than ADSL2+, with theoretical download speeds of up to 80Mbps.

M2M stand for ‘Machine to Machine’, and IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’. Our M2M IoT SIMs are designed to handle important data with resilience, thanks to their 99.9% uptime. They also give us the ability to monitor data usage live as it happens – meaning we can alert you if a single SIM starts using too much data. Typical usage scenarios for our M2M IoT SIMs are security; fleet; monitoring and metering; remote working; retail; transport and enterprise.

Hosted is the future of telephony. It has so many benefits over an on-premise telephone system. Peak Telecom’s Hosted Telephone Systems are excellent because they offer predictable ongoing charges with free calls to UK landlines and mobiles. It also offers integrated disaster recovery and fraud protection for peace of mind. Perhaps the main benefit of hosted is that you can work from anywhere. Our system allows to you to make and receive calls on a deskphone, PC or mobile.

Without cybersecurity, your files can be copied, altered or destroyed. This can have devasting affects to a business either costing thousands of pounds to fix, or even taking out a company completely.

Our Triple-Lock Security aims to protect against on-device malware on both PCs and handheld devices, stop phishing attacks through emails and their attachments and prevent data exfiltration from your devices.

We offer a range of controls on all services that means you get the bills you are expecting and do not find out something has gone wrong until after the event. We pro-actively work with customers on a daily basis and make changes to tariffs or allowances as required.

In order to keep our prices competetive and ensure we offer the highest levels of customer service, all our monthly invoices to customers are on Direct Debit only. The payment date for these is the 21st of each month.



Yes, we have many short-term projects running. Almost all of our services are available with contract terms starting from 30 days. We have loan devices available at short notice and can usually get customers up and running in hours.

Yes, Peak Telecom is an authorised supplier of leasing services. We can lease most equipment, licences and software on a range of terms from 12 months to three years.

We are sorry but we do not deal with general residential telecoms and Wi-Fi. All our services are designed for business use.




Yes, Peak Telecom has been a pioneer in disaster recovery planning, ensuring all of our customers services have resiliency built in as standard. One thing that 2020 taught us was that being prepared works.

Easy.. just dial *#06# from your phone!

Unfortunately they can and this is quite common. Criminals are hacking telephone systems to initiate outbound calls to premium and international numbers, known as “phone phreaking”, and the UK is now in the top 5 “phreaking hotspots” in the world. The average cost to a victim of a UK phreaking attack is currently estimated at £10,000.

While security is required, we go one step further and place Phone Call Fraud Management on our lines – this allows us to place hard limits on how much you can spend on a per-day basis, with warnings before you ever hit that point. This safety feature protects against both criminal activity and also keeps your bills under control.

Yes, you can keep any numbers associated to you company. For mobile numbers, a PAC code would just need to be requested from your current network provider and supplied to us. For landline numbers we complete a port request document and deal with it from there.

Give us a call or email us a few days before your trip, we can then make sure you are up and running on the best roaming deal available.

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