At Peak Telecom, we have over 20 years’ experience in delivering cutting-edge mobile communications and cloud solutions to keep your business connected.

Our mission is simple; to provide cost-effective solutions that will scale, flex and deliver value for your business. Our team of experts are well versed in the latest products, applications and cloud-based technologies – and are on hand to provide a unique level of personal support.

The most important role we can play is to be there when you need us, helping you to grow your business and build your teams. We pride ourselves on understanding your business needs, not just to design solutions for the moment, but to proactively seek out the best solutions for the long-term benefit of your business and customers.

We work with companies across the UK in a broad spectrum of industries, with customers in waste management, construction and retail; and we’ve been working with them for years.

Please visit our customer testimonials page, to help you see the real benefit of partnering with our market-leading team.

Our customer’s industries

36% Fleet Device Management
29% Retail and Distribution
19% Scaffolding and Construction
10% CCTV and Guarding
6% VIP's
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