Fixed line

Fixed Line began life as the physical copper cable that connects you to others. Relied upon for voice communications and now broadband services, this is the backbone of standard telecommunication systems. Fixed Line has evolved to include virtual services and voice lines connected over broadband.

Analogue and Digital Lines

An Analogue Line, also known as a PSTN line, is our basic connection – able to connect a basic phone or to connect DSL broadband. A Digital Line provides a clear and stable service for telephone systems, offering up to 30 voice channels on the same number.

SIP Trunks

A SIP trunk is the continuation of voice evolution that connects over broadband. This allows for much more flexibility on the number of voice channels available.

Virtual Number

A virtual number is a number that sits in the cloud and can be delivered to any destination. This can be a great asset to any business; allowing your company to have a local presence anywhere in the world and can form part of your disaster recovery plan.

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