Since 1999, Peak Telecom has been providing managed telecommunications, with a keen focus on high-quality customer service.

Our customers range from high-end residential clients to FTSE-listed companies, covering various industry sectors including retail, construction, financial and automotive, who have a combined turnover in excess of £1.2Bn. We look after offices across the UK and Ireland and also provide services throughout the EU and rest of the world.

In telecoms, there are two types of companies – Service Providers and Transformers.

A Service Provider will do just that, provide you with a service such as a mobile number, fixed line or broadband. They will give you just what you ask for, or what generic package they want to sell you. Typically, they are very competitive on price, but often provide poor service and lack the ability to add value to your business.

Transformers will actively manage your telecoms. They ensure that ongoing costs are kept to a minimum, that packages and plans stay flexible and optimised to suit your changing business requirements. By understanding your business to create the best solutions, it also means they can provide better customer service. New technology will be researched and introduced to your business to keep you ahead of the game.

Peak Telecom is a transformer. We allow your business to follow two strategies of development, we help you improve and renovate existing areas of telecoms, and we are always exploring new solutions.

In business today you need to be the best to survive. Come and talk to us, and give your business the competitive advantage we can provide.

Our customer’s industries

36% Waste Management
29% Retail
19% Construction
10% Security
6% VIP's
Industry Insights With access to all major networks and manufacturers, we sit at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving telecoms and IT industry.
Transparency All our services and contracts are clear and simple.
Quality Assured We have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best possible service.
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